Classic Car Restoration Dubai

Your Classic or Vintage car is a family heirloom and a valuable asset. No one can define its value in terms of money and you need to keep it in shape. Well, Royal Prince Auto Care has realized the need and proud to offer service of Classic Car restoration in Dubai.
At our car garage, you will meet classic car specialist having years of hands-on experience dealing with all type of classic car repair in Dubai. 
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Complete Classic Car Restoration & Repair Solutions in Dubai

At Royal Prince Auto Care, we are more focused and dedicated to providing complete Classic Car restoration services in Dubai. Either you are looking for Minor or Major Service, our Classic Cars experts have got you covered. Moreover, at our Cars Workshop Dubai, we are also offering Free Classic Cars Inspection and Computerized Diagnostics in Dubai. We are one stop solution to all types of Cars Services include Cars Engine Repair & Rebuild Services, Transmission Repair, Auto SPA Service, and Suspension Service for Classic Cars.

Why Choose Royal Prince for Classic Car Repair or Restoration Service?

classic car repair dubai
classic car restoration dubai


Years of

Classic Cars Maintenance And Scheduled Servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

Classic car repair and restoration is the process of repairing, restoring, and maintaining vintage or classic cars to their original or near-original condition. This can involve extensive work to repair or replace worn or damaged components, as well as cosmetic work to restore the car’s appearance.

Classic car repair and restoration can involve a wide range of services, including engine and transmission repair, electrical system repairs, bodywork and paint, interior restoration, and more.

The cost of classic car repair and restoration can vary widely depending on the make and model of the car, its condition, and the specific services required. It is important to get an estimate from a reputable and experienced classic car repair shop before beginning any work.

While many mechanics have experience working on modern cars, classic cars require specialized knowledge and expertise due to their unique components and systems. It is important to find a mechanic or shop with experience working on classic cars to ensure that the work is done correctly and to a high standard.

The length of time required for classic car restoration can vary widely depending on the extent of the work required, the availability of parts, and other factors. Some projects can take months or even years to complete.