Best Car Steering Repair Service in Dubai

At Royal Prince, we provide the best car steering repair service in Dubai. Our experienced technicians use advanced tools and technology to diagnose and fix all steering issues on any vehicle. We offer quick repairs at competitive prices to keep your car steering system in top condition.

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Car Steering Service in Dubai

Our Car Power Steering Service in Dubai

Get complete power steering service and repair for your vehicle at our quick service auto workshop. Our expert technicians will inspect the entire power steering system in your car and identify any issues that need fixing. We check components like the power steering pump, hoses, fluid, belt, gearbox and provide necessary repairs or part replacements. You can rely on us to thoroughly flush contaminated fluid, bleed air from the system, refill fluid and road test the car to ensure smooth, quiet and effortless steering. We use only high quality steering components and our service helps prevent bigger issues like pump failure down the line.

Hydraulic Steering Service

Has your car’s hydraulic steering become stiff or unresponsive? Bring it in for our specialized hydraulic steering service in Dubai. Our mechanics will check all hydraulic steering components in your car like the steering wheel, steering gear, cylinders, hoses and pumps. We troubleshoot any issues with the hydraulic pressure, fluid flow or leaks accurately and provide necessary repairs. You can count on us to bleed the air properly, flush contaminated fluid, replace worn parts and road test the vehicle for restored hydraulic steering function. Our service ensures reliable, noise-free and easy steering of your car again.

Car Steering System Inspection in Dubai

Getting regular car steering system inspection in Dubai is important for safe driving. At our service center, we thoroughly inspect all steering components of your car like the steering wheel, steering column, universal joints, gearbox, tie rods, wheel bearings, steering rack, power steering pump and hoses. Our technicians check for issues like excessive play, leakages, gear damage, worn tie rods, steering wander, odd sounds and much more. We also test drive the vehicle and check for alignment problems. Our comprehensive inspection allows early detection of steering problems before they lead to breakdowns or accidents. You can rely on our expertise for evaluations of electric, hydraulic or mechanical steering. Moreover, if you need complete car scanning, we also provide car inspection service and computerized diagnostic services in Dubai.

Steering Rack Repair

Has your car’s steering rack become faulty or damaged? Visit our workshop for quality steering rack repair and service in Dubai. We are experts in diagnosing and fixing all kinds of power steering rack failure problems in any vehicle. If your car has issues like steering wander, uneven tire wear or strange sounds from the steering rack, our mechanics can pinpoint the exact problem and provide the solution. We are equipped to repair steering rack damage, adjust rack tension, fix leaks, replace mountings and rebuild racks if needed. Our technicians will ensure complete steering rack repair for smooth driving.

Car Steering System Inspection in Dubai
Steering Rack Repair in Dubai

Steering Fluid Replacement

Get timely steering fluid replacement done at our service center for lasting steering system function. We drain all contaminated and degraded steering fluid from your car thoroughly and refill it with fresh fluid to the right level. Our mechanics also bleed the system properly to remove trapped air. This prevents damage from fluid deposits and leakage issues. We use only the steering fluid type recommended for your vehicle for optimal lubrication and pressure. Steering fluid replacement as part of routine maintenance prevents costly repairs and keeps your steering working perfectly.

Power Steering Pump Repair Dubai

Bring your car to our auto repair shop in Dubai for expert power steering pump repair service. If your power steering pump is causing issues like odd noise, vibration, leakage or stiff steering, our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose the exact issue and fix it. We are equipped to do complete pump repairs, seal replacements, pressure hose fixes, fluid refills and more. You can rely on us to remove and replace your faulty power steering pump with a remanufactured or new OEM-quality pump for lasting performance. Our service ensures strong hydraulic pressure, quiet operation and easy steering.

Steering Wheel Alignment Service

Is your steering wheel off-center or misaligned? Get precise steering wheel alignment at our workshop in Dubai. Our alignment experts will check for positioning errors and make adjustments to center the steering wheel perfectly. We inspect and adjust tie rods, steering gearbox, wheel bearings if needed to realign the wheels. Our computerized alignment system allows error-free adjustment of wheel camber, caster, toe-in and steering wheel position. This service eliminates steering wheel play, drifting issues and uneven tire wear. Your car will handle straight and true after our wheel alignment service. Moreover, if you’ve replaced tyres, we also provide car wheel alignment service at our Dubai workshop.


FAQs About Car Steering Repair Service in Dubai, UAE

There are several reasons that can cause damage to your car’s steering rack in Dubai:

  • Worn tie rod ends – These connect the steering rack to the wheels. Excessively loose or worn tie rod ends can damage the rack by putting stress on it.
  • Leaking steering fluid – If seals fail, steering fluid can leak out causing the rack to lose lubrication and get damaged. Lack of lubrication creates friction and wear.
  • Impact damage – A hard bump or pothole impact can bend, dent or crack the steering rack leading to issues.
  • Worn bearings and mountings – These hold the steering rack in place. If they become excessively worn, the rack will move beyond its proper range of motion and get damaged.
  • Power steering pump failure – When the power steering pump fails, it can send contaminated fluid or metal particles through the system that can damage the delicate rack.

Regular inspection and maintenance at our service center can prevent steering rack damage and save you costly repairs.

The cost to repair your car’s power steering really depends on the exact problem and parts needed for the fix. Minor issues like adding fluid or fixing a small leak may cost AED 200-400. Replacing major components will be higher.

Our experienced mechanics in Dubai will diagnose the root cause of your power steering problem and give you a fair price quote for repairs. We use only high-quality OEM or aftermarket parts to fix your steering reliably.

Some common reasons for power steering noise in your car are:

  • Low power steering fluid – Insufficient fluid can cause whining or grinding noises as the pump operates without enough lubrication.
  • Faulty power steering pump – Worn pumps can whine, grind or howl loudly due to internal damage.
  • Air trapped in the system – Air bubbles in the steering fluid create whining sounds as they pass through the pump.
  • Loose or worn belt – The power steering belt can create squealing noises if loose or worn out.
  • Damaged steering rack – Excessively worn racks make knocking or clunking noises when turning the steering wheel.

Our professional and expert mechanics at Royal Prince in Dubai have the diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint what is causing the exact power steering noise in your vehicle. We can then provide the repairs needed to quiet it down.

Watch out for these common signs of a faulty steering rack in your car:

  • Uneven tire wear – If tires on the same axle are wearing unevenly, it indicates alignment issues from a bad steering rack.
  • Pulling in one direction – If the car consistently drifts or pulls to one side, the steering rack needs alignment.
  • Loose or vague feeling steering – Excessive play or looseness in the steering wheel can mean wear in the rack’s internal gears.
  • Strange noises when turning – Knocking, grinding or whining sounds from the front indicate issues with the steering rack or nearby components.
  • Fluid leaks – Cracked seals will cause steering fluid leaks near the steering rack.
  • Reduced steering assist – If the power assist feels weak or cuts out, it could stem from steering rack problems.

Do not ignore such symptoms. Get your car steering system inspected at our auto shop in Dubai to identify and fix steering rack problems promptly.

Watch for these signs of a failing power steering pump in your vehicle:

  • Difficult steering at low speeds – Failing pumps cannot provide enough assist making the steering abnormally hard to turn when maneuvering or parking.
  • Odd noise – A failing pump can make whining, squealing or grinding noises as it operates.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel – Bad bearings or internal damage in the pump creates uneven forces that make the steering vibrate.
  • Leaking fluid – Seals in a damaged pump wear out and leak power steering fluid. Check under the car for stains.
  • Check engine light – Pump problems trigger error codes that turn on the Check Engine warning light.

Do not ignore such symptoms and get your power steering pump inspected right away at our car service center in Dubai. Early repairs can save your steering system from extensive damage.

Some common reasons for power steering fluid leaks in your car are:

  • Worn pump shaft seals – Seals around the pump shaft age and crack allowing fluid to leak out.
  • Damaged power steering hoses – Cracked, brittle or perforated hoses will leak steering fluid.
  • Loose hose clamps – Loose connections at the hose ends can cause gradual fluid loss.
  • Leaking rack seals – If seals on the rack are damaged, fluid will leak out as the steering turns.
  • Poor hose installation – Wrong routing or tight bending during hose installation can rub through the hoses.
  • Bad o-rings – Hard, cracked or misaligned o-rings on fittings, pressure valves and the reservoir will lead to leaks.

If you spot power steering leaks, avoid turning the wheel without fluid as it can damage the pump. Get the exact leak cause diagnosed and repaired immediately by our experts.

Routine power steering service provides the following benefits for your car:

  • Better system lubrication – Fluid flush and refill ensures clean, fresh fluid that lubricates all components properly.
  • Removes trapped air – Bleeding the system thoroughly eliminates air pockets for smooth operation.
  • Identifies potential problems – Inspection allows early detection of leaks, damage or wear before it causes breakdowns.
  • Extends component life – Well-maintained power steering systems have fewer repairs and last over 100,000 miles typically.
  • Restores steering performance – New fluid, belt adjustments and leak fixes will restore proper power assist.
  • Prevents bigger repairs -Fluid changes, hose replacements etc. are cheaper than pump or rack repairs later on.
  • Maintains easy handling – Proper steering service is crucial for safety as it keeps steering effortless at low speeds.

Some of the most common power steering issues car owners face are:

  • Leaking fluid – Worn seals and hoses allow fluid leaks that must be fixed quickly.
  • Noise – Low fluid level, damaged pump or trapped air causes whining and grinding noises.
  • Hard steering – Insufficient fluid pressure from leaks or pump issues makes steering abnormally difficult.
  • Pulling to one side – Alignment issues like worn tie rods or rack mounting can create pulling in one direction.
  • Loose steering – Worn components create excessive play or looseness in the steering wheel.
  • Vibration – Bad pump bearings, damaged racks or loose components create shaking in the steering.
  • Check engine light – The EPS control module detects issues and lights up the Check Engine warning light.

Get any power steering problems inspected and repaired promptly at our Royal Prince steering repair service center to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

Your car’s suspension and steering systems are closely interconnected for proper handling and control. Worn suspension components can lead to steering problems, such as:

  • Loose ball joints – Excessively worn or loose ball joints affect wheel alignment causing uneven tire wear and pulling to one side when steering.
  • Failed shocks – When shock absorbers cannot dampen properly, it leads to bounce and sway in the chassis. This makes steering less precise and more difficult.
  • Lowered springs – Weak or broken springs lower vehicle height on one side. This alters suspension geometry and creates steering wheel misalignment.
  • Bent control arms – Bent suspension arms throw off wheel alignment and change steering angles, causing steering wander.
  • Bushings – Dry, cracked or worn-out bushings create play in the suspension allowing more unwanted movement during steering.

Any steering issues like looseness, pulling, shake, or wheel misalignment means you should get the suspension inspected along with the steering for worn components.

Our mechanics will check both systems thoroughly and advice if any steering repairs need corresponding car suspension repair in Dubai for proper, safe handling of your car.

Most manufacturers recommend getting complete power steering system service every 40,000 – 80,000 miles or 2 years. This involves:

More frequent basic fluid checks and top-ups may be needed if you experience leaks or noise issues. Increase service frequency if you routinely tow trailers or drive aggressively.

Our certified mechanics can advise you on the ideal service schedule for your vehicle and driving conditions.

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