Brake Pads Replacement in Dubai

Timely servicing or changing your brake pads is critical for ensuring your car performs as efficiently and effectively as it was originally designed. Royal Prince Auto Care connects you with UAE’s biggest network of Car Brake pads replacement Dubai service providers so you get the fastest, cost efficient and most trusted services in town.

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Car Brake Pad Replacement Service In Dubai

Fastest response and expert counseling through 24/7 support team. We only provide OEM & Genuine brake pads from authorized distributors. Biggest network of authorized car brake service providers in UAE. Premier warranty of brake parts, 1-year or 25,000 kilometers.

Replacement of brake shoe brake or pad, resurfacing. brake rotors or drum, replacement of brake fluids. Using cutting edge technology, the expert technicians inspect. every element of your braking system. Brake service and replacement for both passenger and fleet/commercial vehicle needs. After service/installation assessment to ensure optimal. performance of the vehicle. Using Royal Prince Auto Care you save up to 40% compared to taking your car to a random car workshop in dubai.

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Inspection, Service, and Repair

Routine brake inspection is crucial for your car’s optimal performance. We offer brake replacement, repair and service for all types of brake parts, car models and makes.

Replacement Of Brake Pads & Rotors

Each brake component requires changing after a certain period of usage. Royal Prince Auto Care offers swift, superior, and convenient brake installation solutions on location in the UAE.

Complete Brake Pad Services Dubai

Royal Prince Auto Service package includes a thorough brake system evaluation, brake pad or brake shoe replacement, and off-vehicle resurfacing of drums or rotors on the serviced axle(s) performed by our certified professional technicians.

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Years of

Signs Your Car Brakes Need a Time-Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a year is recommended. However, if you feel that the brakes are not working properly, it is advisable to get them checked right away.
Brake fluid is what makes your brakes work. When you press down the brake pedal, the fluid is sent to each caliper by the brake lines. The fluid activates the brake pads. It then creates the necessary friction to stop the car.
If the brake fluid is unused & sealed in a bottle, it lasts for 2 years. Once you put it inside your car, its life depends upon how you use your brakes. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have your brake fluid changed every two years. The reason is that it absorbs moisture which reduces its performance.
Brake fluid leak is very hard to detect. But in most cases, you will find something similar to motor oil leaking from underneath. In that case, drive your car into the nearest service centre to have it professionally checked.

It depends on the car model. Brake Pads costs vary from component to component. Call Royal Prince Auto Care to Know More.