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Welcome to Royal Prince, your premier Bentley service center in Dubai! As leading specialists for Bentley vehicles, we understand that your luxury car deserves best care and maintenance.

Our Bentley workshop has the latest automotive technology. Our skilled mechanics expertly service all Bentley models. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our dedicated Bentley garage has you covered.

Bentley Service Center Dubai

Trust Our Experts at Royal Prince Bentley Service Center

Our specialists at Royal Prince Service Center have worked on luxury cars like Bentley, Range Rover, and Porsche for many years. We know these cars very well. We only use Genuine OEM parts from the manufacturer to keep your car running like new. We follow the official service guidelines for each car brand when we do repairs or maintenance.

Our Bentley workshop in Dubai uses advanced technology and is staffed by ASE-certified technicians who are trained to accurately fix all kinds of complex mechanical and electrical problems. We can service any make and model of car with great care and precision.

We offer savings of up to 40% compared to dealerships for routine services and repairs. We maintain relationships with manufacturers to stay up-to-date on the latest procedures. We use Genuine OEM parts so you can trust the quality.

Our technicians clearly explain what repairs are needed. We try to spot issues early to avoid bigger problems down the road. We want to keep you safely driving. We can handle unexpected repairs affordably. We are Dubai’s top-rated Bentley car care professionals dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Best Bentley Workshop in Dubai

Our Services For Bentley Repair in Dubai

Bentley Oil Services

Perform full synthetic oil services on all Bentleys to meet manufacturer specifications.

Bentley Transmission Service

Complete transmission servicing, repairs, and replacements for all automatic and manual transmissions.

Bentley Engine Repair

Expert diagnosis and repair of all Bentley V8 and W12 gasoline and diesel engines.

Bentley Major & Minor Service

Factory scheduled maintenance for all Bentley models including brakes, fluids, belts, and more.

Bentley Electrical Repair

Diagnosis and repair of Bentley electrical systems including lighting, power windows, and more.

Bentley AC Service & Repair

Air conditioning repairs, recharging, and compressor replacements for all Bentley models.

Bentley Brake Repair

Brake pad, rotor, and caliper replacements, and brake fluid flush for all Bentley models.

Bentley Suspension Repair

Strut, shock, control arm, and bushing replacements to restore Bentley suspension systems.

Bentley Wheel Alignment

Precision computerized wheel alignments for optimum Bentley tire wear and handling.

Bentley Battery Replacement

Testing, replacement, and registration of new batteries for all Bentley model vehicles.

Bentley Gearbox Inspection

Gearbox oil changes, inspection and rebuild services for all Bentley manual transmissions.

Bentley Steering Alignment

Precision alignment & steering component repairs to restore Bentley handling.

Bentley Rim Repair

Specialized repairs of bent, cracked, and damaged Bentley alloy rims.

Bentley Complete Detailing

Show quality interior and exterior detailing with paint correction options.

Bentley Dyno & Chip Tuning

ECU tuning, performance software, and dyno testing to increase Bentley power.

All Services

Complete mechanical repair and car restoration services for all Bentley luxury vehicles.

Bentley Service Center in Dubai

Bentley Service In Dubai - Tailored Packages

We get that no two people drive their Bentleys the same way. That’s why we offer customized service plans in Dubai tailored to how and where you specifically drive your Continental, Flying Spur, or Bentayga. Bring your luxury vehicle into our Bentley service center. We’ll look it over before suggesting a unique maintenance package for your needs.

Our expert service team will talk to you about your driving habits and Dubai’s operating conditions. Whether your Bentley needs minor tune-ups or major overhauls, our technicians will clearly explain what service options are necessary to keep your car’s performance in peak condition. We customize plans across all mileages – from basic 10,000-mile service to big 60,000-mile repairs or more.

Our comprehensive plans make sure every task Bentley recommends gets done carefully, only using real Bentley components. Sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines allows us to spot even small issues early before they grow into big headaches down the road. Regular check-ups also optimize smooth, reliable driving. As the top Bentley specialist in Dubai for many years, we keep these carefully hand-made cars working like brand new through regular car service. We only use Bentley’s own parts, Bentley’s own tools, and follow Bentley’s own strict service rules. This prevents problems before they happen. This ensures we meet the highest levels when servicing your special vehicle. We’re proud to keep Dubai’s Bentleys in peak condition for many more happy miles!

Get The Best Bentley Maintenance in Dubai It Deserves

Bentleys are very fancy, high-speed cars that need specialized service and maintenance from experienced mechanics. The best place in Dubai for us to care for your Bentley is at our Royal Prince Bentley Service Center.

Our expert mechanics at Royal Prince are specially trained and certified to work on Bentleys. We use advanced computer scanners and Bentley software to thoroughly check all of the complex systems in your car.

At our shop, we can perform any service your Bentley needs – oil changes, new brake pads, engine repairs, or even major overhauls. No matter what model or year Bentley you own, our technicians know how to make it run perfectly and meet strict factory specifications. You can count on smooth, reliable performance for many years thanks to our work.

Our high-tech diagnostic tools allow us to accurately check important maintenance items like transmission fluid quality, clutch wear, or other issues. We’ll advise you on small fixes to prevent bigger problems later on.

We have a modern facility designed specifically for servicing Bentleys. Every Bentley owner expects flawless care and expert service for these luxury vehicles. That’s exactly what you’ll receive from our dedicated Bentley experts here at Royal Prince Service Center Dubai.

As the leading independent Bentley garage in Dubai, we meet or beat the dealer prices. Call or visit us to find out why so many Dubai Bentley owners choose our Royal Prince Center for gold-standard car care. We recommend regular maintenance from our specialists to take great care of your Bentley investment.

Bentley Maintenance in Dubai

Models We Deal

At Royal Prince Auto Care, we excel in delivering exceptional Bentley services. Our skilled team of professionals is highly experienced in maintaining various Bentley models, guaranteeing effective and dependable Services. Whether you possess a prestigious Bentley, rely on Royal Prince Auto Care for all your Bentley requirements, irrespective of your vehicle’s make or model.

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FAQs About Specialist Bentley Repair Services in Dubai

We offer a full range of Bentley repair and maintenance services at our workshop in Dubai. This includes everything from oil changes and brake pad replacements to engine and transmission repairs. As a leading Bentley service center in Dubai, we have trained technicians with experience working on all Bentley models.

Yes, we only use genuine Bentley parts to ensure the highest quality repair and to maintain your Bentley’s performance. Our technicians source parts directly from the manufacturer to guarantee they are genuine Bentley. We never use aftermarket or copy parts.

We service the full range of Bentley models in Dubai including the Bentley Continental GT, Flying Spur, Bentaygas, and Mulsanne. Our expert technicians have experience with all modern Bentley models and can perform repair and maintenance on any Bentley no matter the year or model.

As a leading Bentley repair shop in Dubai, our service center offers factory-certified technicians, guaranteed genuine parts, maintenance service packages, and a hassle-free repair process. We aim to keep your Bentley running reliably while maintaining its luxury performance. Our affordable rates provide a dealer alternative for repairs.

For your convenience, we provide complimentary pickup and delivery service to transport your Bentley to and from our repair workshop in Dubai. Our skilled drivers will transport your vehicle to ensure no incidents occur during the commute.

Our mechanics complete tough training directly from Bentley to become certified Bentley experts. We use Bentley’s own computers and tools to exactly find any problems. With decades of Bentley service experience, our mechanics have an excellent history of making sure every Bentley drives safely and works properly after we repair it.

Yes, we offer special service packages to help keep your Bentley running great. Our plans cover regular services like oil changes, fluid checks, brake inspections, and tire rotations. We offer discounted pricing when you purchase multiple services together in a package. 

The packages are flexible – we can customize them based on your Bentley’s age and mileage so it gets the right services at the right time. Our expert technicians will advise you on which plan fits your Bentley best to save you money and prevent future car repairs.