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Royal Prince have established the best Ferrari service center in Dubai. With our specialist Ferrari workshop, we aim to provide exceptional maintenance, servicing and repairs tailored precisely for your prancing horse. Our master technicians have extensive experience working specifically on Ferraris – from classics to modern beasts . With capabilities to handle everything from minor services to major engine or transmission overhauls, we’ve got you covered.

Ferrari Service Center Dubai

Trust Our Experts at Royal Prince Ferrari Service Center in Dubai

Purchasing a Ferrari, whether brand-new or pre-owned, represents a major investment. You want assurance that your prized possession receives the care and meticulous attention it deserves from true Ferrari experts.

That’s precisely why discerning owners across the UAE rely on the Royal Prince Ferrari service center. Our team lives and breathes Ferraris, with an intimate understanding of what makes them tick. From critical preventative maintenance to diagnosing electrical gremlins or installing the latest software upgrades, you can trust us to treat your Ferrari with the utmost respect.

We utilize factory diagnostic tools and only install genuine components to protect performance and preserve resale value. Our techs have undergone advanced OEM training and continually upgrade their skills – meaning even the newest models are in experienced hands.

While dealerships can be intimidating (and expensive!), our personalized service provides a refreshing alternative. We’ll thoroughly explain any issues in simple terms, walk you through options, and deliver transparency throughout the process.

Reward your Ferrari Car with the care of a dedicated Ferrari specialist in Dubai. Contact Royal Prince or visit our state-of-the-art facility to learn more about our Ferrari servicing capabilities.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Best Ferrari Workshop in Dubai

Our Services For Ferrari Repair in Dubai

Ferrari Engine Oil Service

Routine oil changes using synthetic or standard oils keep your Ferrari powerplant running smoothly all year.

Ferrari Transmission Maintenance

Flushing out debris and replenishing worn additives via a thorough transmission service provides seamless gear shifts.

Ferrari Engine Repair

Ferrari certified technicians conduct in-depth engine troubleshooting and repair anything found to factory specs.

Ferrari Major & Minor Service

Complete front-to-back inspections of all systems to maintain optimal performance per Ferrari recommendations.

Ferrari Electrical Repair

Pinpoint and fix any electrical gremlins in your Ferrari's intricate wiring and electronics.

Ferrari AC Service & Repair

Keep your cool with a full AC evacuation, refrigerant recharge, and replacement of any worn components.

Ferrari Brake Repair

Ensure ideal braking at speed with brake pad replacements and rotor resurfacing or replacement.

Ferrari Suspension Repair

Restore handling and smooth rides by replacing shocks, struts, springs, bushings and other suspension components.

Ferrari Wheel Alignment

Use a dedicated alignment rack to set wheel alignment for responsive steering and enhanced stability.

Ferrari Battery Change

Install new OEM or premium batteries to keep your Ferrari's electrical charging system working flawlessly.

Ferrari Transmission Inspection

Thoroughly inspect the gearbox to spot potential problems with synchros, gears or bearings early.

Ferrari Steering Wheel Alignment

Precision realignment of steering parts for accurate feel and precision directional control.

Ferrari Rim Repair

Expertly repair any scrapes, cracks or damage to your pricey OEM or custom rims.

Ferrari Complete Detailing

The showroom looks restored inside and out with our complete interior and exterior detailing services.

Ferrari Dyno Tuning

Max out horsepower and torque via dynamometer testing, Engine tuning and performance chip installations.

All Services

Ferrari-trained technicians service and repair all areas to keep your prancing horse purring.

Ferrari Service in Dubai

Ferrari Service in Dubai | Tailored Packages

One-size-fits-all maintenance plans simply don’t cut it for exclusive supercars like Ferraris. That’s why our Ferrari service center crafts tailored service packages to match both your model and driving habits.

Routine servicing lays the foundation. Scheduled at yearly or 6,000-mile intervals, we’ll perform all prescribed maintenance per Ferrari’s specifications – oil and filter changes, fluid top-ups, computer diagnostics, safety checks, and more. This prevents bigger headaches down the road while optimizing performance.

For more intensive use, our intermediate and major service packages up the ante with extra scrutiny on key components like brakes, drivetrain, steering, suspension and exhaust. This keeps critical systems operating reliably and extends their lifespan. If you simply require an annual inspection, oil service or have a specific issue, we provide à la carte options too.

Visit Royal Prince Auto Care to learn more about our customizable maintenance plans for your Ferrari model. Keep your prancing horse performing at its peak with bespoke services from Dubai’s premier Ferrari specialists.

Get Best Ferrari Maintenance in Dubai it Deserves

Nothing transforms a drive quite like sliding behind the sculpted steering wheel of a Ferrari and igniting its thunderous engine. As collectors know, proper care is crucial to ensure your prized stallion keeps charging hard for years.

Yet Ferraris demand exacting maintenance from expert hands. Their compact performance packages leave little room for error. Using improper fluids or filters risks clogging intricate cooling systems, fouling spark plugs or sludging oil galleries – ultimately crimping that famous acceleration.

That’s why discerning Ferrari owners trust the Royal Prince Ferrari service center for impeccable upkeep. Our Ferrari-exclusive facility harbors all the technology, tooling and expertise specifically for your thoroughbred Italian exotic.

We also offer multi-point inspections, tune-ups, computer reflashing, electronics upgrades and more. Receive transparent recommendations from trusted advisors who treat your Ferrari as their own.

Reward your prancing horse with bespoke repair and maintenance from Dubai’s #1 Ferrari service specialists. Because when sleekest Italian thoroughbreds demand flawless care, there’s no substitute for dedicated expertise.

Contact Royal Prince or visit our state-of-the-art Ferrari service facility today. Discover why we’re the clear choice for discerning owners seeking to preserve their prized investment.

Ferrari Service Center in Dubai
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Models We Deal

At Royal Prince Auto Care, we excel in delivering exceptional Ferrari services. Our skilled team of professionals is highly experienced in maintaining various Ferrari models, guaranteeing effective and dependable services. Whether you possess a prestigious Ferrari, rely on Royal Prince Auto Care for all your Ferrari requirements, irrespective of your vehicle’s make or model.

FAQs About Ferrari Repair Services in Dubai

Yes, our Ferrari specialists have extensive experience with oil leak diagnosis and repair on 360 modenas and all Ferrari models. We will thoroughly inspect your Ferrari to pinpoint the source of any leaks and repair them to factory standards, using high-quality original components.

Yes, in addition to being Dubai’s best Ferrari service center with factory-trained Ferrari repair specialists focused entirely on the meticulous maintenance these Italian stallions require, we do work on other high-performance and luxury vehicles at our shop in Dubai. Our expert technicians have experience servicing models from brands like Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, and more. We have the skills, tools, and knowledge to properly maintain these finely crafted machines to manufacturer specifications. No matter what make or model premium or sports car you bring to us, you can trust that we will treat it with the utmost care and precision.


Definitely. We highly recommend our very affordable full Ferrari pre-purchase inspection before buying any used Ferrari model. We will thoroughly assess all systems to spot problems that may cost you significantly down the road. This peace of mind is invaluable for any prospective Ferrari owner.

We stock a full range of factory original Ferrari components for all models, from basic maintenance parts like brake pads and oil filters to Ferrari major assemblies. This allows us to complete most auto repairs without delay once your Ferrari is in our workshop.

Yes, our full-service body shop can expertly repair dents, scratches, scrapes or other exterior damage to restore your Ferrari to flawless cosmetic condition. We also provide high quality repainting in your choice of factory, custom or classic Ferrari colors using the latest paint technology to perfectly match the original finishes.

We understand the desire for faster shifting in high performance Ferraris. While we recommend retaining the factory set up, we can install high quality aftermarket solutions like short throw shifters for enhanced precision gear changes. All work is backed by our standard warranty.

We stock a wide variety of common maintenance and wear components for all late models and classic Ferraris so we can get you back on the road quickly. This includes catalytic converters for models like the Portofino. Contact us for availability for your exact Ferrari model if needed.

While we recommend booking Ferrari services in advance, we do provide quick oil change options even for walk-in customers in many cases. Contact our service advisors about Ferrari quick service availability to meet your needs. We strive to never turn away a Ferrari owner in need!