Best Car Detailing in Dubai | Interior & Exterior Deep Cleaning and Car Polishing

Welcome to our Car Garage in Dubai, your ultimate destination for car care excellence in Dubai! We are your trusted experts for the Best Car Detailing in Dubai, specializing in both interior and exterior deep cleaning, along with precision car polishing. Our dedicated team is here to make your vehicle shine, ensuring it looks and feels brand new. Discover the magic of our meticulous craftsmanship that sets us apart. With us, your car isn’t just cleaned; it’s pampered. Experience the difference with Royal Prince – where quality meets care, making us your go-to choice for all your automotive detailing needs in Dubai.

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Interior & Exterior Car Detailing in Dubai

Car detailing service is a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of both the exterior and interior of a car using personalized sills, specialized products, and tools. The main aim of car detailing is to restore a car’s original appeal by permanently removing defects from the paint surface, and protecting its components and features from damage. Car detailing service should be practiced by a trained professional. At Royal Prince Auto Care, we can take an older car that has swirls, scratches or holograms and restore the paintwork to a gleaming finish. In order to safely protect the car’s paintwork, our team is fully trained for car detailing service.

Best Car Detailing Dubai for a high-quality finish.

Royal Prince Auto Care specializes in car detailing for all types of cars. We offer a full range of car detailing services that can effectively restore and protect your car. Our car detailing service perfectly fits your needs. With years of experience, professional tools, skills, and an understanding of what car detailing products will work, we will transform dull-looking cars into high-quality finishes. Car detailing Dubai is performed to the highest standards focusing on quality over quantity.

Car Deep Cleaning in Dubai by experts

Car detailing is a long, expensive, and meticulous process, but the right detailer is worth every single penny. Our expert team performs the car detailing service with the utmost care and attention using the best-sourced products in the market. The service is tailored as per customer’s preferences on all types of cars including, contemporary, classic, sports, and high-profile cars.

Our team will perform interior detailing as well as exterior detailing of the car. The interior detailing includes cleaning mats and carpets, air vent cleansing, window seals, air freshener, and upholstery cleaning. The exterior detailing includes alloy wheels cleaning, tyre cleaning, hand washing the exterior of the car, removing contaminants, polishing and buffing, waxing, and window cleaning. Our detailing package that includes interior and exterior detailing will typically take a day to perform, whereas details that include paint correction along with interior and exterior correction may take several days to complete.

Benefits of Detailing & Car Polishing in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Car detailing service means deep cleaning of the car and focusing on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle with the aim to restore the car’s factory finish. The several steps included in car detailing Dubai are: – Vacuuming the carpets, seats, and entire interior – Clean all leather, cloth, and floor mats – Clean outside and inside of all windows – Clean and polish the vents, dashboard, instruments, and trim – Clean and polish all rims and tires – Wash, dry, and wax the exterior
Car detailing is worth it if you want your vehicle to look its best, and improve its condition. The car interior detailing Dubai is beneficial for car protection from the defects that can impact the aesthetic of the car and leave it with a rough finish. Moreover, it can improve the resale value of the car.
You can search online for the best car detailing Dubai and you will see several car detailing service providers. You can choose the one that meets your needs and budget. However, it is necessary to run a check on the service provider and refer to customer reviews to select the best and reliable car detailing expert.

1: Our expert team member provides specialist advice and service.

2. Adding value, not complication: We ensure clear and transparent pricing of the process prior to beginning of the process to clearly make you aware about the fees. We offer high quality service at a great value of your investment.

3. Large enough to deliver excellence and small enough to care: Royal Prince Auto Care is large enough to provide significant experience and car detailing specialisms, yet small enough to retain an approachable and trusted client relationship.

Most of the service providers provide several packages of car detailing services ranging from basic to premium. Each of these packages has a set price. There are specialized add-ons that can be assessed are Paint correction, Ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Window Tint. Even the most basic car detailing service includes: – Vacuuming – Exterior wash and dry – Polishing – Interior scrubbing and brushing – Sealing and waxing – Paint Claying – Glass cleaning – Steam cleaning – Leather Trimming – Perfuming

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