Car Gearbox and Transmission Repair Service in Dubai

Royal Prince Transmission Repair in Dubai has the expertise to fix any gearbox problem. Our specialist auto garage has served drivers with transmission repairs for all makes and models. Our ASE-certified technicians quickly diagnose issues using advanced tools and prevent major breakdowns with reliable service.

reliable automatic transmission repair in Dubai

Gearbox / Car Auto Transmission Repair Services in Dubai

Our transmission service center specializes in repairing and rebuilding all types of automatic transmissions. Our expert technicians use the latest diagnostic tools to detect any issues with your vehicle's automatic transmission. We perform overhauls, repairs and rebuilds on all types of automatic transmissions. Our services include solenoid, sensor and module replacements, valve body and clutch repairs, filter and fluid changes, and replacing worn parts. We service all vehicle makes and models. Trust us for reliable automatic transmission repair in Dubai.

Car Automatic Transmission Rebuild in Dubai

Do you need a complete rebuild or overhaul of your automatic transmission? Our specialist technicians can expertly rebuild any automatic transmission using high-quality parts and precision techniques.

Rebuilding transmissions requires specialized skills and tools. You can trust our experience to properly rebuild your transmission for smooth, reliable performance.

Differential Gearbox Repair Services

We have expertise diagnosing and repairing issues with differentials including damage, noise, leaks and failures. Our services include differential overhaul, used part replacement, gear setup, axle work and more.

Trust our certified technicians for quality differential repairs and rebuilds. We offer competitive pricing and back our workmanship.

Clutch Repair and Replacement in Dubai

We specialize in clutch repair and replacement services. Our specialists can diagnose issues like slipping, difficulty shifting, vibration, or complete failure.

We provide complete clutch overhauls and replacements using quality components at fair prices.

Differential Repair Services in Dubai
Clutch Repair and Replacement in Dubai

Transmission Oil Change Service in Dubai

Regular fluid changes are key to transmission longevity. We use advanced systems to thoroughly replace old fluid. Fresh, clean fluid prevents wear and leaks.

Trust us for a complete transmission fluid exchange service in Dubai. We follow recommended service intervals.

FAQs About Car Transmission Repair in Dubai

For automatic transmissions, we recommend transmission fluid and filter changes every 60,000 km in Dubai. Manual transmissions need gear oil changes every 50,000 km. More frequent servicing may be required under severe use or in high-performance vehicles.

Watch for slipping gears, abnormal noises like grinding, leaks, vibrations, difficulty shifting, and acceleration issues. We can diagnose any Dubai transmission problems with testing at our repair shop. If you notice these types of issues, bringing your car to our shop for car gearbox repair can help identify and fix the problem. In some cases, we may recommend car transmission replacement if the damage is too severe.

Rebuilds involve complete disassembly for cleaning and inspection. We replace damaged dubai transmission parts then precisely reassemble to factory specifications.

Yes, our team of highly skilled transmission specialists at Royal Prince Auto Repair in Dubai are experienced with servicing and repairing specialty transmissions found in luxury, high-end, imported, and high-performance vehicles from prestigious brands like Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and more. Our mechanics have the expertise to properly diagnose issues and perform repairs on complex transmission systems, including dual-clutch, CVT, manual, and automatic transmissions. We use advanced diagnostic equipment and strictly follow OEM procedures to ensure your exotic or performance vehicle’s transmission is restored to proper working order

Most dubai gearbox and transmission repairs take 1-2 days. Extensive transmission rebuilds can take 3-5 days. We work to minimize downtime and aim for same day repairs when possible.

Lack of maintenance, fluid leaks and contamination, overloading, and normal wear over high mileage are common causes of faulty transmissions we see in Dubai.

Free pickup and delivery is available within Dubai for the convenience of our transmission repair customers. As a full service car service Dubai shop, we aim to make repairs as smooth and easy as possible.

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