Mitsubishi Gearbox Repair in Dubai​

Royal Prince Provides Mitsubishi Gearbox Repair Service promptly required if the gearbox is stuck or is refusing to switch gears. Whether you are sensing a burning smell, facing any drag to the clutch, or slipping of the gears, as all of the flags lead to the Gearbox Failure, which if not dealt with by the experts on time can lead to disastrous outcomes. Feel Free to talk with our gearbox repair and rebuild specialists in Dubai and let them help you get rid of the situation.

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reliable automatic transmission repair in Dubai

Mitsubishi Gearbox / Auto Transmission Repair

Are you having a tough time with your transmission system? From Manual Transmission Fluid Change to Automatic Transmission Slip Repair and everything in between, Mitsubishi Auto Care is All You Need! Automatic Transmission, Gearbox/Transmission Service, Gearbox/Transmission Rebuild, Diagnostics Checks, Torque Converters, New Gearbox. Reco Transmissions. Gearbox Parts, Valve Body Assemblies, Manual Gearboxes, Clutches, Transfer Boxes, Differentials, Transmission Oil & Fluids, Preconditional Diffs & Fast Turn Around & Rolls Royce Gearbox/Transmission Repair and Rebuild service Workshop In Dubai

Gearbox / Auto Transmission Rebuild

Are you on the lookout for a reliable Mitsubishi Transmission Rebuild Service in Dubai? Call out the Experts at Royal Prince Auto Care and transfer maximum engine power all the way through to the wheels for optimal acceleration!

Differential Repair & Rebuild Service

Is your Mitsubishi skidding on sharp turns? You may have a damaged differential. Call out the Expert Technicians to help your exotic vehicle return to the road of reliability with everything from a simple differential leak repair to a complete differential rebuild!

Clutch Repair/Replacement Service

Is your Clutch constantly slipping or irresponsive? Bring your Mitsubishi to Royal Prince Auto Care for all-inclusive clutch repair and replacement service and ensure a smooth transmission performance for long!


Years of

Gearbox Oil Change Service

If your Mitsubishi transmission is slow to respond or has sudden acceleration changes, head to the Leading Auto Garage in Dubai for Gearbox Oil Replacement Service and relish optimal transmission performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your gear oil is constantly working to reduce the stresses placed on your gearbox, keeping it operating at its peak. But like most lubricants, it may eventually need to be changed, otherwise the slow accumulation of deposits can end up clogging your oil gearbox filter and potentially damaging its components, resulting in costly repairs. In this guide, view simple, step-by-step instructions on when and how to check and change your gear oil and filter, ensuring your gearbox keeps working its best.

If your vehicle or machinery doesn’t have an oil life monitoring system that automatically alerts you when your gear oil requires changing, knowing when to change your gear oil and filter can be an imperfect science, but there are guides for different types of vehicles:

  • Manual gearboxes usually require a gearbox oil change every 30,000 to 50,000 mi (48,000 to 80,000 km).
  • Automatic gearboxes usually have gear oil change intervals of between 60,000 to 100,000 mi (96,000 to 160,000 km).
  • It’s advisable that you change your gearbox oil filter at the same time as your oil.
  • If you have a gearbox leak repaired, then always change your oil after the repair to ensure it’s fully topped up.

Because these ranges are so large, a good way to gauge your oil health is to check its colour. New oils are brightly coloured (usually red) and semi-transparent, but as they degrade or accumulate deposits, they turn a darker shade, lose their transparency and can smell burnt due to oxidation.

To check your gearbox oil:

Open the bonnet and locate the transmission dipstick (its location should be shown in your owner’s manual). If your model doesn’t have one, you will probably have to raise your car using a jack or lift, then carefully remove the transmission fill cap located on the transmission assembly.
Pull the dipstick out of the filler tube. If you have raised your car, insert a ruler, screwdriver or other implement into the system to sample the oil.
Check the colour of the oil.
If your oil is dark brown, black, or light pink (usually due to water contamination), then you need to change it. Red-brown, semi-transparent fluid is often slightly degraded, but doesn’t necessarily signify a need for a change.

If you don’t have much experience in vehicle or machinery maintenance, it’s a good idea to get a professional to change your gear oil. If you want to do it yourself, follow these steps:

  1. If your vehicle or machinery has a drain hole, locate it and place a catch pan beneath it. If not, place a catch pan underneath the entire gearbox assembly.
    Unscrew the drain bolt or remove the gearbox pan, then let all the fluid drain into the catch pan.
  2. Remove the old gasket and filter, with replacement components to hand.
  3. Inspect the gearbox pan, cleaning the magnet of any small pieces of metal. If large fragments are present, your gears may be very worn and require replacement.
  4. Install the new gasket and filter, then bolt the pan back onto the machinery or vehicle.
  5. Get the right gear oil for your vehicle, navigate to your vehicle Book Your Appointment With Royal Prince Auto Care and Rest Leave on Us.

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At Royal Prince Auto Care, we excel in delivering exceptional Mitsubishi services. Our skilled team of professionals is highly experienced in maintaining various Mitsubishi models, guaranteeing effective and dependable services. Whether you possess a prestigious Mitsubishi, rely on Royal Prince Auto Care for all your Mitsubishi requirements, irrespective of your vehicle’s make or model.

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