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Exotic and High-End Cars demand special care and attention to keep delivering high-end performance. Our Car General Repair and Maintenance Service is designed to keep your car in shape and in the best health, as regular general service will keep resolving minor issues and protect the vehicle with any major service.

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We cover every service related to your Car General Maintenance in Dubai

Minor Service

Are you looking to get a Minor Preventive Maintenance Service for your exotic vehicle? Bring your car to the Leading Auto Garage in Dubai for comprehensive diagnostics, oil and filter replacement, and more!

Major Service

If you’re on the lookout for a comprehensive major service to upkeep the optimal performance of your vehicle, Royal Prince Auto Care is all you need. Call our Experts for fluid replacements, suspension and transmission check-ups, brake services, and more!

Autobody Services

Have you damaged your vehicle during a minor collision or want to bolster the resale value of your vehicle? Bring it to the industry-leading Auto Body Shop in Dubai for an all-inclusive auto body treatment from painting services to collision repair, vehicle modifications, and more!

Suspension Checkups

Is your ride getting too bumpy, or nose dives whenever you apply the brakes? It’s time to call the Expert Mechanics at Royal Prince Auto Care for comprehensive Suspension diagnostics and repair services!

Under Body Repair

Have you accidentally damaged the underbody of your vehicle, or it’s rusting? Bring it to the best Auto Body Shop in Dubai for a holistic underbody repair service, including sheet metal surgery, chassis repair, and rustproofing!


Years of

Tire Checkups

Have you just noticed uneven tire wear on your front wheels or the vehicle is losing road-grip on high speed? Bring your vehicle to Royal Prince Auto Care for a comprehensive Tire Checkup and get optimal road grip for long!

Electrical Repair

If your vehicle’s entertainment system is not working or the vehicle control module is irresponsive, you need not worry. Bring your luxury vehicle to Royal Prince Auto Care for impeccable electrical repairs, from simple dashboard lights to safety and security control features!

Mechanical Repair

Are you looking to get your exotic vehicle a reliable Preventive maintenance service? Bring it to the Leading Auto Workshop in Dubai for professional mechanical repairs and computer diagnostics to keep relishing the ultimate performance!

All Fluids Checkup

Want to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle for long? Call out the Expert Technicians at Royal Prince Auto Care to help you top off all the fluids and keep your vehicle parts well-lubricated for long!

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of mechanics are uncomfortable working on German cars. This means the mechanics who do work on German vehicles are in higher demand. Therefore, they charge more. This makes ownership of your car even more expensive.
Despite German cars building a reputation for reliability, these days, even the base models can cost a fortune to run. Advanced German Engineering has always come with something of a hidden cost: high maintenance. Not only do the cars require more maintenance, but those maintenance items cost more than the competition.
German cars are also designed with European roads in mind, whereas American roads are very straight and wide (hence the popularity of muscle cars in America) a car in Europe must be able to handle the often narrow, winding roads which is why they’re praised for their good handling capability.

Here are seven ways for maintaining the prime condition of your luxury car.
1. Service. Luxury cars, for all of their beauty, need more maintenance and servicing than regular vehicles.
2. Seats. Vacuum the seats twice a week for keeping them optimally pristine and gorgeous.
3. Be careful.
4. Check the tires.
5. Trim.
6. Clutch.
7. Exterior.

German car often tops the list as an easy-to-maintain luxury vehicle since it has an extremely low number of consumer complaints regarding its performance and reliability.